Pasofino - Horse Riding

Productos para el jinte, el caballo y accesorios para equitación
Aluminum Brush
Made of aluminum alloy. Preferred for being light, at the same time its ergonomic design allows the grip just with the fingers of the hand; which added to its convex...
Aluminum Muzzle
Details of protection at the edges and terminations. With small holes in the base and on the sides that allows normal breathing while hampering the intake of undesirable elements.
Bandas de goma para crines
Made of premium rubber. Combing the mane with a nice braid is important if the horse is going to participate in any competition or exhibition. Presentation in pack of 500...
Boarding guards
As its name implies, its function is that of tail protection when the animal is transported. For this purpose the five pieces are made with a resistant fabric on the...
Boot Bag
Made of extreme strength vinyl fabric. Allows comfortable transport of your boots. Side pocket with closure for the storage of accessories. 4 Supports in the base to leave it resting...
Brake Discs
Limiting discs, manufactured in premium rubber. They fulfill the function of preventing the embouchure from injuring the horse’s lips. Diameter 90 cm

The products are only sold through Veterinary and Saddlery